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 Order New Letterhead or Reprint with Changes 

Sample of latest letterhead with changes marked must be faxed to Theresa Phelps
1-877-392-5220 before printing can proceed.
Order will be delivered in 10 working days from receipt of order
If order is a rush, please phone 1-800-860-4456 to schedule.



(on other quantities, price to be faxed) 
(Prices good on standard letterhead only. Exception, please call Theresa Phelps 1-800-860-4456 ext: 8048.)



(MasterCard, Visa, American Express)
(Enter digits only, no dashes or spaces)


(If department does not have a MasterCard)   



HKM Direct Market Communications PHONE: 1-800-860-4456
5501 Cass Ave, Cleveland, OH 44102
FAX: 1-877-392-5220

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